Poems 12

Morning Walk

Amidst the dew of early dawn,
I took a morning walk.
And along with me, I took a Friend,
For I felt a need to talk.
I unburdened both my heart and soul,
And spoke many things:
Of plans gone wrong, of failure's pain,
And how to live with shattered dreams.
My Friend just listened quietly,
And uttered not a word.
For it was His time to listen,
And my time to be heard.
His sympathetic ear brought peace,
As we walked this earthly sod.
And I learned to trust life again,
On my morning walk with God.
Barbara Cagle Ray


I am renewed...
When I find the secret place,
When I meet God, face to face
Heart to heart, intimacy
Father's kiss so sweet to me


I am renewed...
When I 'hear' His word of life
Soaking through my inner strife
Words of truth, words of calm
Like a fragrant healing balm


I am renewed...
When with friends I synergise
Seeing through each other's eyes
When we share as family,
'Restoring power' in harmony


I am renewed...
When I serve those deep in need
When the hungry heart I feed
I'm refreshed as they are filled
I'm renewed doing His Will
Alec Depledge

My Unseen Guest

God walks the trail with me each day,
He is my Friend, My Guide
However long or steep the road,
He's ever by my side.

He sits with me in evening's hush;
We speak, we laugh, we pray,
And my heart sings a joyful song...
He's never far away.

And through each dark and lonely night,
He's guarding from above.
In perfect peace, I rest secure
In His eternal love.
Lee Simmons

Changed by His Love

When I think about my life today
And how my heart has changed…
I know I’d never be here now,
If not for Jesus’ name.

He pulled me from the lowest low
To reach the highest high…
The praise belongs to Him alone;
And with His wings I’ll fly.

I’ll soar with Him as eagles do
In search of who He is…
Father, brother, keeper, friend,
My heart is safe in His.

I won’t go back to where I was,
I’ll only look above…
I’ll follow Him beyond this earth
For I know I am loved.

Jill Lemming

I hope you find out (not too late)
that the only finish line worth striving for
is called eternity.
That everything you live until you reach it
is beautiful, even if it looks ugly,
because it makes you more like Christ.
That there's no one you need to compete with.
That you can enjoy the path.

Roberta Vicente

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